Guizhou Satellite TV on a Discovery Tour of Guizhou Nightlife

2023/11/22 23:23:39

GUIYANG, China, Nov. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- When the evening lights begin to shine, the pedestrian street of Qingyun Road on the banks of Nanming River in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province is brightly lit and crowded with people. The aroma of delicious food was pervasive in the air, and the speciality and snack shops were filled with diners. From time to time, people stopped to check out and take photos in front of different murals. Night view, night show, night tour, night entertainment, night snacks, night shopping, night stay, the night in Guizhou has a completely different flavor from the day. Nowadays, Guizhou's "nightlife" is no longer limited to the city, and the townships have created colorful night activities such as the "V(illage)BA" Basketball Game and the "Village" Football League, which have become new business cards of Guizhou.

The short video series "Be My Guest · Modern Guizhou", originally produced by Guizhou Satellite TV, invites foreign friends to Guizhou in the form of reality shows to record their real lives in the local area. Miguel Hernandez, a young Brazilian, was invited by his friend Wang Ke'ai to Guizhou (China) to enjoy the nightlife here. After touring the Internet-famous attractions in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, learning to use the land-surfboard, participating in a frisbee competition, and tasting the local cuisine, Miguel and Wang Ke'ai went to Rongjiang County in the Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture in southeastern Guizhou Province to watch the "Village" Football League game that prevails on the Internet and mingle with the locals.

"It is the first time for me spending such a lively night in China. I did not know that spicy things can be so delicious, and the city at night is of so much fun! My family is envious of the atmosphere I feel in Guizhou." Miguel commented this night trip to Guizhou excitedly that it has given him an unforgettable impression. And he hopes to bring his family and friends to Guizhou in the future to experience the colorful nightlife here.

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