Popular hot pot brand "Rich MINI Hot Pot" from Taiwan's Sencubed F&B Management Consulting Co., Ltd is now open for franchise opportunities in Southeast Asia

2023/11/9 9:16:55
The global expansion plan is underway -- A full-service professional business model aims to bring the flavors of Taiwan to the international stage. KAOHSIUNG, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- As the global pandemic subsides, venturing overseas has become a new focal point for the catering industry. "Rich MINI Hot Pot" from Taiwan's Sencubed F&B Management Consulting Co., Ltd has announced the launch of their 2024 international expansion plan, with the first target being the Southeast Asian market. The core competencies are the chain store system, a team with abundant international practical experience, and operational scalability. Once they successfully penetrate a market, they can quickly replicate their success. Entering Southeast Asia is not just about catering to the Chinese market; it also includes the local market. Taiwanese hot pot is well-received in the local market, and many Taiwanese-style restaurants there are frequented by locals. The taste is also very similar to that of Taiwan. "Rich MINI Hot Pot," as a pioneer in expanding overseas, is expected to lead a new trend in the Southeast Asian catering market. Different from other f&b teams, our Group possesses a complete one-stop professional business model, covering operations management, brand positioning, outsourcing resources, integrated marketing, government and foreign investment matching, agency, and franchise technology authorization and guidance, among others. The founder of the group, Gavin Chen Huancheng, with over 20 years of senior professional experience in the food and beverage industry and years of practical experience assisting other food and beverage brands in the United States, established Sencubed F&B Management Consulting Company upon returning to Taiwan. He aims to replicate successful experiences and bring Taiwanese food brands overseas through franchise and agency methods, allowing global Chinese communities and locals to savor the taste of Taiwan. Sen Cubed Culinary Management Consultant Company LimitedOfficial Website: